1. Keeping in with our placement withing the luxury sphere, our Logistics team takes the least amount of time to fulfill orders - almost immediately.

Therefore, we encourage all our clients to review their respective orders, before pressing submit; as any subsequent changes then, become quite impossible for us to entertain.

If you would like to request any changes to your order, it is imperative that you contact us immediately via Email (info@amelle.co), Social Media DMs (@AMELLE.Skin), or the Website Chat / Contact form.

2. As a policy, AMELLE prohibits fulfilling orders for customers who have refused their own prior CoD parcels in the past. This is done to preserve the quality of goods sent to each of our valued clients; and to prioritise genuine patrons, of our luxury skincare goods.


Phone number: +92 3260 AMELLE (263553)

Please note that this phone number is manned by our Logistics team. We actively encourage readers to contact us via Social Media forms or email instead, as those channels are manned by trained, AMELLE product experts.

Email: info@AMELLE.co

Adddress: AMELLE - Street 49, DHA Phase 1, Lahore